It’s no secret that having an impressive website that converts new visitors into returning customers is crucial for a small business in today’s digital age. That being said, a spectacular website can only stay spectacular if it is maintained regularly.

If you aren’t sure what it means to maintain a website regularly, keep reading!

What is Website Maintenance?

Simply put, maintaining your website means that you (or an outsourced web expert) is continuously checking to see that everything is functioning as seamlessly as it should be.

When is the last time you’ve posted new content?
Are you in the process of hiring new employees?
Are you getting an error message when you visit your website?

These are all things that you need to consider as a small business owner that wants to have a well-maintained website.

Why Website Maintenance Is Important

Just as any other machine or piece of technology, a website needs to be regularly maintained to ensure that it’s running properly. Regularly maintaining a website for your small business is important because it can improve your search engine optimization, refine the customer experience, strengthen your security measures, and guarantee that your content/information is current.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The way maintaining your website improves your SEO is quite simple. Google loves websites that are up-to-date, regularly refreshed with new content, and provide its users with a pleasant searching experience. If you aren’t maintaining your website to offer those things, then your small business might not have a website that ranks too high on Google.

Functionality & User Experience (UX)

A large component of website maintenance is simply covering all of the bases of the user experience. Your small business should have a website that isn’t difficult to navigate and guides your customers through your site easily. More obviously, maintaining your website also means that you’re constantly checking its functionality.

Is your site loading properly?
Is a 404 error suddenly appearing?

Regularly performing maintenance on your website not only means you’re catching any errors early on, but it means that your customers are consistently having no trouble navigating your online business.

Security & Privacy

If you aren’t performing regular maintenance on your website, your small business might be at risk of losing any important data. Without website maintenance, it’s fairly easy for there to be a security gap that exposes your online business to bugs and viruses.

Website maintenance ensures that you’re frequently updating your security software, double-checking the privacy of your passwords, etc.

Updating & Reviewing Content

Making sure that all of your information is accurate is important for search engine optimization, but it is equally important for the customers looking for your current business hours, phone number, location, and employees.
It can be a tedious task throughout busier seasons where hours vary and employee turnover increases, but having someone perform regular maintenance for your online business eliminates the stress of worrying if customers can contact and find you.

Updating your website with new content is just as important as reviewing the current content. A blog is a great addition to any online business, and a part of maintaining a website is making sure it is regularly updated.

Key Takeaway’s for Your Small Business

Website maintenance is incredibly important for your small business. By having someone regularly maintain your online business, you are improving your search engine optimization (SEO), functionality, security measures, and ensuring your content is accurate and relevant. 

If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of regularly maintaining both the content and the backend of a website, chat with us about the hosting & maintenance services we offer with our website designs. Leave the technical stuff to the experts!