What's Your Practice's Origin Story & Why Is It Important?

While you might have never considered documenting your practice’s origin story, you’re likely familiar with seeing what is known as “About” pages on any operating business’s website. An About page on a website is critical for building trust and credibility with any online visitors or potential customers. Here are several reasons why it’s essential to have an About Page:

In an industry where most of your competitors offer the same services, including an About page on your website adds a personal touch. This allows for potential clients to understand the faces behind your brand, their background, and their motivations. It also builds trust!
A company's values, mission, and vision are incredibly important and can be easily showcased on your About page. This is a great way to display transparency and a commitment to your business's morals, and yet another way to build trust with potential clients.
Sharing information about your practice's history, experience, and qualifications helps establish credibility and expertise in your industry. As a business that offers products or services, building this level of trust and knowledge is particularly important.
What makes you different? An About page is where you can inform your clients of what sets your brand apart from competitors. Don't be afraid to highlight unique qualities or characteristics that make your practice your own.
Establishing an emotional connection with your clients builds loyalty and increases your chances of retaining them. Sharing your practice's history, challenges, and successes on your About page helps others understand your journey on a more personal level.

Consider following this guideline when gathering content for your practice’s About page:

Our Story: 

How was your practice founded, and what was the inspiration behind it?

What milestones and achievements have you accomplished along the way?

Mission & Vision: 

Does your practice have a mission statement?

What are the core values that you hold your practice to? 

Services & Experience: 

Is there a particular service that you specialize in, or a condition you treat most commonly?

What are your qualifications? What makes you an expert? 


As mentioned already, an About page is essential for building trust and credibility with those visiting your website and potential patients. It provides an opportunity to personalize your brand, showcase transparency and a commitment to your values, establish credibility and expertise in your industry, differentiate from competitors, and tell the brand’s overall story.

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