Why should I optimize my site?

Site optimization is essential to helping Google and other search engines rank your site.  If your site is poorly optimized, this can and will affect the following things:

  1. Your Search Engine Rankings
  2. Your microsite traffic
  3. The number of leads generated from potential clients
  4. The amount of Annual Premium you produce

Tips to optimizing your microsite

Through working with agents, we have found these 5 things are important to helping rank microsites in Search Engines.  There is a full strategy to ranking higher, but these tips will give you a good start!

1 – Update your Microsite to the new “look”

Updating your microsite is not mandatory, but should be the first step you take in your journey of optimization.  The new site has features and layouts that the old site does not.  The new site includes some key locations to plug in keyword rich content that can help Google and other search engines find and rank your site.

The new look of the site is a HUGE step up from the old version.  The old version looks like a website from 1997.  As an agent, it is important to stay fresh and make sure that your microsite can generate leads for your business.

The new site should have a much lower “bounce” rate as it looks like a professional website.


2 – Add Your Product Offerings

There is a section in the new microsite that allows for you to add your product offerings.  It is important to add all of your offerings here.  This will help Google and other search engines categorize your site and list you for multiple products.  For example if you do not put that you offer Life Insurance, Google may overlook your microsite when a user searches for “Life Insurance in My City”.

The last thing you want is for Google to ignore you!

3 – Optimize your Google My Business Listing

This is more of an off-site tactic, but it is NECESSARY!  Make sure your Google My Business Listing is claimed and optimized.  This means making sure that you select the appropriate categories that will tell Google when to show your listing to prospective clients!

4 – Claim your Facebook profile

This is another off-site tactic, but make sure you do it!  Google uses Facebook as a major aggregator to verify local business listings.  It is important that you claim your profile and make sure that all of your information is correct, especially your microsite url.  It is not mandatory that you start posting on Facebook!

5 – Have a Correct Address

Having your address the same across multiple directories is important to Google.  Make sure your address is correct on your microsite!  We have found inconsistencies here, so start with your microsite and work your way out – Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, etc.  We specialize in Business Listing Management!


Rank Higher = More Calls = Higher Total Annual Premium = MORE MONEY

This list is a good start to optimizing your site.  After you have completed all of this, we would love to know how you are doing.  Feel free to drop us a line!  Also, if you need help with this process… well, it’s our specialty.  You are REALLY GREAT at selling insurance, we are REALLY GREAT at generating more leads!

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