If you are like me and want to have action buttons at all times when a potential client is on your site, having a static button at the bottom of the screen is very important.  This gives the user the ability at any time, to take action and reach your business.  Squarespace defaults the mobile information bar to disappear when a user scrolls…smh.  I knew there had to be a simple solution!

I was speaking with Squarespace, some of our Local SEO Package clients have Squarespace, and was curious about making the mobile information bar static instead of disappearing on scroll.  After some discussion, I was able to obtain the CSS Styling for the bar and with a quick code insertion, the Mobile Information Bar will be come static.

How to make the Squarespace mobile information bar static:

  1. Home – Settings – Mobile Information Bar: Make sure your information is correct and select the buttons you would like to show
  2. Home – Design – Custom CSS: Add the following code to your custom CSS window

    .sqs-mobile-info-bar-hide {
    -webkit-transform: none;
    transform: none;

  3. Test your Mobile Information Bar on a Mobile Device.
static squarespace mobile information bar css

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