J&K Locksmiths

Project Details

Timeline:November 2017 - March 2018
Client Goals:Remove Google Adwords Suspension, Remove Google My Business Suspension, Improve organic search results

The Challenge

J&K Locksmiths faced a challenge that is familiar to the Locksmith industry. Google had suspended their adwords account and their Google My Business page. They were no where to be found on Google. The owner emailed Mark Cuban to see if he could help contact Google and get his account un-suspended. To his surprise, Mark Cuban replied to his email. Mark told him to find a local SEO company.

FirstPage identified areas in which J&K Locksmiths could improve in their local SEO efforts and offered to help navigate the process of Google Advanced Verification for Locksmiths.

SEO Driven

Our Solution

Search Engine

Business Listings

After meeting with the business owner and discussing his options, we moved forward with a Local SEO package and consulting services that would help alleviate the Google Suspensions that were in place. We also agreed to help with Google Advanced Verification which is a process that all Locksmiths must complete to have fully functional Google Adwords.

This company is truly incredible. They literally have saved our company. We were having major issues with Google to the point where Google suspended our whole account. We retained firstpage marketing and in about 2 weeks not only did they get our ads completely running again, but they also got our company verified with Google and we now have a 5 star rating with Google. Will recommend this company to all our family and friends with confidence.

John Lambis - Owner J&K Locksmiths

Impressive Results

Within 2 weeks, we were able to have J&K Locksmiths Google Suspension lifted and had the Google My Business page verified correctly.  The company’s Google Adwords account went back live and they started receiving leads immediately.  The organic SEO results are still in process, but within the first month the company has increased over 300 spots in Google Mobile.

In the 3rd month of our campaign, we were able to generate 49 phone calls directly from the newly acquired Google My Business Listing!  Just based on those phone calls with an average call value of $50, the Google My Business optimization and profile generated over $2400 in new business.  That’s a 350% Return on Investment!

Return on Investment350% +
Google AdwordsRemoved Suspension
Google Local Calls49 in 30 Days
Google Local#1 on Google Maps for "Savannah Locksmiths"
Google My BusinessRemoved Suspension and Verified Location
LeadsFrom 0 During Suspension to over 33 in 1 week
Organic SEOUp over 300 spots on Google Mobile in 3 weeks
A visual representation