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The Challenge

ClientForSight Unique Eye Care & Eye Wear
Project Timeline2019 - Present
Project GoalsNew Website, Appear in Local Search, SEO
Our client, Dr. Morrow of ForSight Unique Eye Care & Eye Wear, came to us needing a solution. Her business listing did not show up on local search. Most of her clients were referred to her practice by word of mouth or through a third-party website, and this needed to change.

Initially, our client hired a friend to help her with website design. After several months, she hired an SEO company to come in and implement “SEO” on the initial site. Unfortunately, all that was implemented was keyword stuffing, making the site extremely spam-like.

Zero Visibility

In 2019, our client (Dr. Morrow) was not found on Google Maps nor on the first page of Google for any of her tracked keywords (really, she wasn’t found anywhere). One thing was then certain: ForSight’s citations needed major attention.

At the time, Dr. Morrow had almost a 100% inaccuracy score for her listings throughout all directories, problems with her personal information showing up on the National Provider Identifier (NPI) registry, her private information populating in multiple directories, and much more.

The Solution

Services UsedSEO, Website Design

Dr. Morrow wanted to keep the look and feel of her website after devoting long hours of research to customizing her aesthetic. Our team then developed a new website for her, keeping the same aesthetics, but adding the technical components that it was previously missing. Her new website incorporates all of the ranking factors, unique content, keywords, goal tracking, design, user accessibility for desktop and mobile, and so on.

At FirstPage, we also managed her citations across the web. Dr. Morrow’s Google my Business listing and 80+ directories were optimized to make her name, address, phone number, office hours, etc., accurate.


Optometry Marketing Services

Impressive Results

In the first seven months of 2021, Forsight Eyecare has nearly doubled the numbers from 2020!





Impressions: 3,292

Maps Search: 6,958

Google My Business Results:

435 Clicks | 245 Directions | 129 Calls






Impressions: 29,738

Maps Search: 17,291

Google My Business Results:

1,910 Clicks | 901 Directions | 865 Calls






Impressions: 42,605

Maps Search: 26,712

Google My Business Results:

2,316 Clicks | 1,130 Directions | 1,136 Calls



July 2020


Sessions: 673

Impressions: 7,185

Clicks: 273

Google My Business:

4,761 Views | 194 Clicks | 85 Directions | 86 Calls



July 2021


Sessions: 1,768

Impressions: 19,036

Clicks: 435

Google My Business:

11,566 Views | 339 Clicks | 198 Directions | 182 Calls


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