How Will Google Analytics 4 Affect My Small Business?

Google Analytics 4

If your inboxes have been flooded with messages concerning Google’s shift from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), don’t fret! Here is what your small business needs to know about the recent reporting change:

Universal Analytics → GA4

Google’s Universal Analytics and Google’s Google Analytics 4 (GA4) are both two versions of Google’s web analytics platform. As of late, the shift into GA4 has begun, meaning your business now must adapt to the latest form of data management.

The good news? Some of your company’s data from Universal Analytics will automatically transfer over and begin reporting! The bad (or tedious) news? It’s highly encouraged to fully set up the new properties in order to fully make use of all GA4 has to offer.

If you’re already a client of FirstPage Marketing, Google Analytics 4 is already set up and well on its way to begin recording your new real-time data. If you aren’t, it’s time to gear up and initiate these new properties.

Benefits of GA4

The key difference between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 is the difference in data model. While Universal Analytics recorded data based on sessions, GA4 focuses on individual events, allowing you to track more granular data. With this comes an array of new event-based features that provide better insights into how your business is performing online.

Here are just a few examples:

Tracking Code 

GA4’s new and improved tracking code has improved cross-platform and cross-device tracking capabilities.

User Tracking

As stated by Google, “The User-ID feature lets you associate your own identifiers with individual users, so you can connect their behavior across different sessions and on various devices and platforms.” This feature is incredibly useful in helping you more accurately understand the relationship a user has with your business.

AI Insights

The rest of the world is on board with artificial intelligence technology, and GA4 is no different. Its AI technology offers predictive insights, allowing you to make more informed decisions and identify potential opportunities for your small business.

Report Interface

In comparison to Universal Analytics, GA4’s simplified navigation allows you to explore its capabilities with ease, including customizable dashboards to enhance your ideal user experience.

What This Means For You

Now that July 1st has come and gone, Universal Analytics is no more. While your data is still secure for the next six months, this is your sign not to waste any time if you have not already begun the transition.

If you have already switched to GA4 and you’re concerned about a drop in certain statistics, you aren’t alone. When you switch to GA4, there can be a transition period where both Universal Analytics and GA4 are collecting data simultaneously. During this period, you may notice discrepancies in the numbers as the two systems may track and process data differently.

The sooner your small business transitions to GA4, the sooner you’ll see your ideal data.

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