Google Guaranteed vs. Google Screened: How Local Service Ads Can Help Your Business

Whether you’re reading this as a business owner or as a consumer, you are more than likely familiar with seeing the Google Guaranteed badge when searching for a local service. If you aren’t, it looks something like this.

Google Guaranteed Badge

google guaranteed

Since 2016, Google Guaranteed has helped business owners move straight to the top of the local services results page and contributed to an overall increase in Local Services Ads. Guaranteed has also helped consumers to find the most reliable professionals to perform services.

Fast-forwarding to the end of 2020, Google released yet another way to help owners gain credibility and ensure that consumers remain protected: Google Screened. Similar but different, these two features are fantastic for creating trustworthy connections and increasing business. Yet, it’s important to know which certification is relevant to your small business.

Are you a plumber or a real estate agent?

Does your business have a star rating greater than a 3.0?

For starters, we’ve created a to-the-point infographic comparing the main differences between Google Guaranteed and Google Screened.

What are the differences between Google Guaranteed and Google Screened?

google guaranteed google screened

To expand on this a little further, Google Screened has essentially been a test/model certification for small businesses since 2019 in the specific markets listed above, such as law, financial planning, immigration services, real estate, etc. On the other hand, Google Guaranteed has been available since 2016 and covers a range of home services, such as plumbing, locksmiths, appliance repair, and more.

This alone can help you in narrowing down which badge your small business should be getting on your Local Service Ad, but there are still other qualifications. As listed, both businesses must undergo similar background checks (a business level background check and a business owner background check) as well as license and insurance verification. For Google Screened, however, your business must also have a star rating of at least a 3.0 to be certified. If you’re in one of the test markets eligible for Google Screened and you have less than a 3.0-star rating, upping your review game would be the best place to start!

Key Takeaway's for Your Business

As a business owner offering local services, being Google Guaranteed or Google Screened is just another thing you can do to ensure that you’re the number one choice in your local market. These verifications build trust and credibility.

If you are trying to become Google Guaranteed:

Does your business offer home services? (example: plumbing, technician work)

Will you pass a background check?

Can you verify your license and insurance information?

If you are trying to become Google Screened:

Are you in a professional market such as law, financial planning, or real estate?

Do you have at least a 3.0 rating on Google?

Can you pass a background check?

Can you verify your license and insurance information?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you’re ready to rock and roll! If you aren’t managing your Google business profile, contact us and let’s chat!