Google My Business Description

Google My Business Descriptions are Back!

We are excited that Google has decided to allow businesses to add and edit the Business Description.  This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to include SEO rich content directly into the Google Maps and Local listings.

Back in 2016, Google removed the feature but now people are seeing it coming back into Google My Business and in the local panel.  For those businesses who had their description, some of them stayed and had what I feel is a competitive advantage over those who did not… but not anymore!

Plus, Google added the information to the help docs, so it is 100% official.  As a matter of fact, I just went in and added descriptions to multiple clients and it is EASY!

Instructions on adding a description

1 – Log into Google My Business

2 – Navigate to the Info section

3 – Scroll down until you see “Add business description”

4 – Click the Edit Pencil

5 – Type your description

6 – Click Apply

That’s all!  It is REALLY easy!  Go ahead and give it a try for yourself!