If you’ve ever searched for tips, advice, or an explanation on how/why you should be doing something, chances are you’ve found yourself reading a blog. Even now, you’re reading a blog about why your website needs a blog. Ironic, right? We’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t just be reading blogs, but you should be writing them.

Having a blog is an effective marketing strategy for your business for many reasons. Not only are blogs fun to produce if you’re writing about content that you’re knowledgeable and passionate about, but they are just one of the ways you can grow your business with minimal effort. As blog writers and SEO ninjas ourselves, we’ve gathered five strong benefits of having a blog on your website.

Increases Traffic To Your Website

Increasing traffic to your website is one of the ultimate benefits of writing a blog. If your blogs are optimized and are of good quality, then those searching the web will eventually find themselves on your site. Whether they’re interested in your services or not, an increase in traffic leads to an increase in online exposure. It’s a win/win.

Can Help With SEO

The way you create and publish your blog can have quite an impact, but only if you optimize it. When writing blogs, they have to be optimized for SEO. If they are both updated regularly and optimized for SEO, then simply maintaining your blog can help with your salon website’s ranking. If the blog is regularly updated and there is a consistent posting schedule, your site will constantly be fresh with new content.     

However, there are other ways that writing blogs can be utilized for SEO outside of consistency and organization. Blogs are ideal for including long-tail keywords, which are harder to incorporate into other forms of content. They target people who are searching for something more specific, using longer queries. Additionally, if your site visitors pause to read a blog, your site’s bounce rate is lowered because visitors are remaining on your site for a longer period of time. With all of this in mind, if you’re producing quality blog content, then you are also more likely to earn external links (a link to your site is shared somewhere else). If those external links are from reputable sources, then your website’s blog has helped with SEO in yet another way.

Fills Your Social Media Content Calendar

As business owners trying to produce marketing content, we’ve all been in a rut where we weren’t sure what to post next on social media. If you’re struggling to find content to produce on your social media platforms, this is just one of the many benefits of writing blogs.  The content from your blogs can be turned into social media posts (think questions, quotes, and photos) and double as promotion, further driving traffic to your site.

Showcases Your Services/Work

Depending on what industry your small business is in, a blog can sometimes showcase what you have to offer and serve as a portfolio of some kind. Clients like learning about the why’s and how’s of our processes as business owners, and getting behind the scenes can be fun to learn about. Another benefit of writing blogs is that your target audience will likely look to read about the latest trends, recommendations, etc. within the industry. Creating blog content directed towards this audience is a great opportunity to insert your work and create an unofficial portfolio.

A Great Way To Educate Your Customers

Educational marketing is an effective technique that creates a sense of trust between you and your customers. Not only do customers feel more informed when you produce educational content, but you seem more transparent in your practices and techniques. This means the relationship will grow stronger because of it.

Educational marketing in the form of a blog is a way of providing free resources, which then makes you a source of information. As mentioned, most find themselves reading a blog when they need an answer to a question. If you’re producing educational content, then the traffic coming to your website will increase from people that are searching for information. Your small business is then transparent and trusted, with an increase in website traffic!